Swimming Pool Algae Removal and Treatment

You might have noticed that green slime blooming on the sides of your swimming pool. The water has turned cloudy, green and dirty because of algae in pool. So it’s time to take some action. The more time you leave Algae in Pool swimming pool the more difficult it is to remove from your pool. Algae grows extremely fast and the pool water can turn to a cloudy and greenish swamp overnight. Algae spores are always present in the air and spread through wind, rain, leaves, etc. When the conditions are right, algae will be introduced into your pool regardless of what you do. Algi Bloc is the best way to remove algae. The presence of Algi Bloc in your pool prevents / stops / kills algae so your pool remains crystal clear.

Here are some of the factors that facilitate growth of algae in your swimming pool:

  • Low chlorine level: It takes between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm of chlorine in your pool water to prevent algae growth.
  • High pH level: Check the pH value of your pool water using a testing kit. If there is a high pH value, then you have to bring it down to 7.2 – 7.6
  • Dead areas: Some parts of the pool could be stagnant for a long time; those areas are termed as dead areas. Chances of algae growth are high in dead areas as the circulation rate is too low there.
  • Lack of brushing: You have to keep your swimming pool clean – it should be brushed regularly to help prevent algae blooms.

Magic Pools offer top quality swimming pool algae removal strategies using an algae blocker, anti algae chemicals and algaecides. Keeping your pool sparkling is an easy task with Magic Pools and Algi Bloc. Algi Bloc quickly releases molecular ions that eat away at all sorts of algae. It is an advanced composition that works best within a certain spectrum of pH level, ranging from 7.2 to 7.6. Algi Bloc targets black algae in pool removal process to successfully eradicate its growth. It also ensures that algae do not grow any sooner and your pool flaunts the crystal clear look and feel for a prolonged time. Pool algae treatment has never been easier than with Magic Pools. Further, we would like to mention that swimming pool algae treatment can be carried out by homeowners, without any prior experience. It is simple to use and even simpler to store.

Most of the pool owners bear apprehensions about algaecides that they may cause irritation to skin or eyes. However, with Algi Bloc, there’s no such issue. You can use Algi Bloc in your swimming pool without giving it a second thought. Plus, you don’t have to wait for another minute to get your pool ready for a dip. Algi Bloc works faster than conventional algaecides; after pouring Algi Bloc in your pool water, it will have treated your swimming pool for algae by the time you prepare yourself for the dive. Moreover, it is safe for kids and pets, too. Algi Bloc assures you of guaranteed results and can save you time and money which you would have invested in other futile algae treatment measures.

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