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Algae in Pool

Do you remember toiling under the hot sun, sweat pouring, nerves on edge, scrubbing green slime from your pool, while the kids jump around you begging “can we get in yet?!!!”

With ALGI BLOC this will be just a fading memory …

It’s easy

The water in your pool should be crystal clear and pleasant to look at even during the winter months. Algi Bloc is a copper based product that kills algae and one dose will protect your pool for 6 months – or your money back!

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It saves you time and money $$$

Keeping your swimming pool water clear is no longer a matter of trial and error and daily experimentation with different chemicals. The effectiveness of ALGI BLOC is 100% guaranteed and it’s long lasting.

Since ALGI BLOC kills the algae, you only need to use chlorine before swimming to kill any bacteria. And as you only need to use ALGI BLOC twice a year, imagine how much you will save on the total cost of chemicals for pool cleaning!

You don’t need a filter running for ALGI BLOC to work. The filter can almost remain off for the entire non-swimming season (e.g. winter).Vacuuming the pool once a month to clear leaves, dust, etc. would provide adequate circulation.

It’s safe

ALGI BLOC does not cause sore eyes or skin irritation and you can swim immediately after using the correct dose.

How does ALGI BLOC work?

We’ve based ALGI BLOC on a formula that slowly releases molecular amounts of an algae killer ion into the water to kill and control algae growth. As the algae killer compound is used up, more is released from the formula to maintain the killing action.

ALGI BLOC has sufficient reserves to keep killing algae for 6 months.

To get best results out of ALGI BLOC, the pH level (the measure of alkalinity) in your pool should be between 7.2 – 7.6.

ALGI BLOC will not work as effectively if the pH level is too high. Therefore, it is important that you check the pH level every couple of weeks and maintain it at the correct level.

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