Swimming Pool Cleaning Chemicals and Maintenance

How would you like to massively reduce

  • Pool cleaning costs
  • Time spent on pool maintenance
  • $$ spent on pool chemicals
  • $$ spent on electricity (reduced filtration times)
When you put chlorine in your pool, you do more than kill algae and bacteria – it also affects the pH, the alkalinity, the clarity, etc. - you then need to add other chemicals to fix the side effects of the chlorine. Most of the chlorine put into the swimming pool is to kill the algae, so when you use ALGI BLOC, far less chlorine is needed, and therefore far less other chemicals. In the winter (when no one is swimming), you don’t need chlorine at all, you hardly need to run your filter.Swimming pool maintenance is limited to occasionally vacuuming your pool to remove dust and leaves.

How does Algi Bloc reduce pool cleaning costs?

When you go to the pool shop to buy a $30 tub of chlorine for your pool you usually come out with stabiliser, acid, clarifier, purifier, pH increaser, etc, etc, and wondering if you really need it. All of this adds up and before you know it you have spent hundreds of dollars on swimming pool chemicals.​ With ALGI BLOC all you have to do is make sure your pH levels are correct (as you normally would) and then simply pour in the bottle. The only other thing you need to add is a small amount of chlorine before you swim. If you’re not using ALGI BLOC you need large amounts of chlorine all the time to keep the pool clear, whereas ALGI BLOC is only needed once every 6 months. When continually adding large amounts of chlorine the balance of the pool is constantly changing, which means you have to keep going back to the pool shop for more chemicals to bring it back into balance. Most of the chlorine you put in the pool is to keep it clear and algae free, while the amount needed to sanitise is very small. With ALGI BLOC in the pool you only need to add the small sanitising portion of chlorine. So why is ALGI BLOC sold in supermarkets and not in the pool shops? We’ll let you answer that – if you owned a swimming pool cleaner shop, would you stock a cheap product that replaced the need for customers to regularly purchase other more expensive items?

How does Algi Bloc reduce the time spent maintaining your pool?

You come back from the pool shop with your arms full of chemicals and put the first one in. You then wait 6 hours before you put the second one in and then 2 hours for the next one, then do some testing to see if you’ve got it right, then start adding the others and it goes on and on and on. And in a couple of weeks you probably have to do it all again! You only have to add Algi Bloc once every 6 months. As long as you keep your pH levels right the only other thing you have to do is add a small amount of chlorine before you swim. ALGI BLOC means more time swimming and less time on pool maintenance.

How does Algi Bloc reduce your electricity costs?

By using ALGI BLOC and only a small amount of chlorine for swimming, you only need to turn on your filter for about an hour a day. If you have a salt chlorinator you need to run the filter for 8 – 10 hours a day to get sufficient chlorine into the pool to prevent algae growth, but this could be dramatically reduced by adding ALGI BLOC. And most people who use ALGI BLOC have found that they don’t need to use their automatic vacuum systems as much which saves even more electricity. Reducing filtration times from 10 hours per day to 1 hour per day could save you over $400 every year.   ALGI BLOC is one of the copper based pool cleaning products that kills algae and one dose will protect your pool for 6 months – or your money back.
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